Wish-Granting Paper
Wish-Granting Paper

Wish-Granting Paper

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Wish-Granting Paper

A square sheets featuring gold foil at the center,with a Symbol of Fu Lu Shou, Fu Lu Shou are known as the Three Star Gods, the traditional triplet of Blessings.
Fu Lu Shou are normally not worshipped. This is good to know for non-Buddhists.  To enhance good fortune, prosperity and health.

What is FU LU SHOU means?
Fu-Blessing & luck
Lu-Wealth & Prosperity

Simply write your wish upon the paper and then burn it with as much ceremony or ritual as you desire.
Be sure that every last bit is burn to ash and carried to the spirit world where your wishes will begin to manifest.

When your ritual is complete bring the ashes outside to scatter in the wind. Better yet, do the whole ritual in an outdoor fire if possibly.
Believe and Claim it!


60PCS Wish Granting Paper