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Jade rollers aren't a technical breakthrough in skincare. They've been a staple in Chinese skincare routines since the 7th century, and are believed to have healing and protective properties. The handheld massagers are usually dual-ended with two jade stone heads that allegedly boost blood circulation, reduce swelling, and help your skincare products penetrate deeper. Basically, they're supposed to be a quick, easy cure for daily skincare struggles like dark under-eye circles and puffiness from fatigue. The increase in circulation can also help smooth out fine lines and wrinkles.

Here are the top 3 benefits of using jade rollers:

 1) Jade Rollers are detoxifying
How are they detoxifying?
The act of rolling and massaging the skin with the rollers increases circulation and helps the lymphatic system to carry away toxins. With increased blood and lymph flow, you can count on a renewal of cells  and moving the toxins away more quickly.
Increasing blood flow effectively brings more oxygen to the surface which can help improve skin tone.
Detoxifying the skin will lead to more brightness, clarity, and glow in your complexion.

 2) Increases Chi
With the flow of fresh blood, chi is also brought to the face. Chi is life force energy and prevents stagnation (which makes the complexion sallow).
In addition to increased Chi, jade rollers are cooling in the summer and can be made to be warming in the winter (by removing the stones and placing in warm water). This helps us to remain balanced when seasonal extremes are present.

 3)Anti-Aging Properties:
All this detoxing and increase of Chi leads to what we call “anti-aging”. Really, what that means is keeping the skin in the healthiest state possible. It is seen as less puffiness, decrease in lines, tightening of the skin, and better muscle tone through the massage action.

The natural anti-inflammatory property of the jade roller will also help to reduce redness, sensitive skin, and other signs of skin irritation.

All this from a natural, healing stone and a 5-10 minute daily ritual!

Natural Material: Rose quartz stone OR Green aventurine stone
Small Roller: around your eyes, nose or lips;
Large Roller: face, neck or forehead