2 in 1 Baby Toddler Sitter & Carrier
2 in 1 Baby Toddler Sitter & Carrier
2 in 1 Baby Toddler Sitter & Carrier
2 in 1 Baby Toddler Sitter & Carrier
2 in 1 Baby Toddler Sitter & Carrier
2 in 1 Baby Toddler Sitter & Carrier

2 in 1 Baby Toddler Sitter & Carrier

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2 in 1 Baby Toddler Sitter & Carrier

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Tired of that piercing back pain from carrying your baby? ☹️
Scrap off that tedious problem from your life today. Learn why it’s the doctor recommended baby carrier 👨‍⚕️😍
Parents will love the features of this baby carrier which ensures extra comfort and a better fit for a wider range of body types. 👶  

This carrier is a forward facing carrier that delivers better than ever comfort and ergonomics without the need for an infant insert.

Its a versatile carrier that allows you to carry your baby 6 different ways. It is a unique, back-supporting carrier with an integrated seat for your baby to help you carry your little one significantly longer, more comfortably and effortlessly.

Ergonomic design distributes weight evenly throughout your lower back and shoulders. The hip seat base is intentionally built wide enough so that your baby's hips rest in a healthy position, where his/ her legs are lifted and supported at hip level and not hanging or dangling, thus allowing safe forward facing carry.

  • 1.ERGONOMIC DESIGN: 5cm-width shoulder strap assists in dispersing mommy's pressure, extremely soft & breathable filling material reduces shoulder injuries. Plus, the waist stool holds your baby so comfortable that it generates less shoulder burden.

  • 2. SAFE DESIGN: No worry about your baby's shaking and falling down while you are moving because of the PERFECT wrapping. The soft edging prevents your baby from cutting. Besides, the wide & soft sofa cushion provides the baby with a comfortable sitting posture, which prevents the leg from being squeezed then impeding the blood circulation and causing hip bone deformation.

  • 3.MULTI-FUNCTIONS: 3 modes to switch freely, including single stool mode, strap mode, and multi-purpose use of strap-type waist stool mode, which are easy to change, to meet the needs of the age-free use as well as convenient for mama to disassemble.

  • 4.Easy to Wear: With the simple design, making it easy to wear and only takes three steps without others' help.

  • 5.HEALTH PROTECTION: The saliva tissue and the bite towel is removable to prevent your baby from swallowing the dirt. It's RECOMMENDED to change and wash them every day. In addition, there is no odor since the cotton breathable skin-friendly materials.

6 Reasons to Choose Our Product

-Healthy: By providing your baby a safe M shape sitting posture with the widened soft sofa cushion, so that the baby's leg won't be squeezed or cut off circulation or causing any hip dysplasia.

-Safety and Secure: The buckle is firm and durable so to avoid shaking when traveling.

-Ergonomic Design: It helps to disperse your baby's weight evenly on mom's shoulder, waist, and abdomen so relieve the mother's pressure.

-Easy to Wear: Simple and concise design makes it easy to wear without other's assistance, plz refer to HOW TO USE below.

-Skin Friendly Materials: mainly cotton.

-High Flexibility: The belt can accommodate 3.6 feet of the waistline.