Dragon & Phoenix Necklace (Limited Edition)
Dragon & Phoenix Necklace (Limited Edition)
Dragon & Phoenix Necklace (Limited Edition)

Dragon & Phoenix Necklace (Limited Edition)

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Dragon & Phoenix Necklace (Limited Offer Only)


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This is a gorgeous necklace featuring an Exquisite 18k Gold Pendant carved with the image of the mythical Phoenix and majestic Dragon, two of the most powerful celestial animals that you want to have.

When the D­ragon and the Phoenix are used together, they symbolize the perfect Yin and Yang symbol, a pair of lovers that are connected for all of eternity, a happy marriage that is blessed with success and prosperity as well as many offspring’s. Together, bring both patriarch and matriarch luck and is the perfect embodiment of matrimonial harmony.


  • Promotes Support each other as life partners.
  • Dragon attracts Prosperity, Good Career Luck, Wealth & Success
  • Phoenix brings out the excellent side of female energy.
  • Both strengthens the relationship and rekindle the relationship making its energy new again
  • The Dragon represents the ultimate ‘Yang’ symbol, male vigour, courage and bravery
  • Phoenix symbolizes the feminine 'Yin” power of resurrection, infinity and rebirth


This is a very auspicious combination Dragon and Phoenix all add to give a potent symbol of good fortune, power and love. Wear the  Dragon and Phoenix Necklace for peace of mind and prepare to welcome greater opportunities, prosperity and heaps of romance luck into your life!

NOTE: All our crystal products are cleansed in a singing bowl before shipment to empower it with positive Energy & blessings.

Product Description:

Exquisite Dragon & Phoenix Design

18k Gold Surface Pendant with Rhinestones

Pendant Size: 27mm, Just like our Peso

Chain Length : 24 inches Stainless Gold, Never Fades