The Lucky Redline
The Lucky Redline
The Lucky Redline
The Lucky Redline
The Lucky Redline

The Lucky Redline

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Designed as a lucky charm, The Lucky Redline bracelet is thought to protect and grant the wishes of the wearer. 

The Lucky Redline which is keenly accepted in Buddhist, Hindu, and also in the traditions of Kabbalah and in Christianity as well as Chinese. The redline bracelet is believed to work wonders in the spheres of life, love, prosperity, abundance.


Learn how it each benefits from the The Lucky Redline:

  • Eastern - believe it has magical powers, to find their soulmates, to have successful careers, improves relationships.
  • Chinese- as the 'string of fate' , binds people with their soulmates through think and thin.
  • Hinduism- allows divine blessings, fortune, well-being, and prosperity.
  • Kabbalah- worn to ward off all evils and negative energy. Ward off jealousy and negativity of other people towards the wearer and vice versa.
  • Buddhism - to remind the people to provide help and love to people around them.
  • Christianity/Catholic- invites luck, love, health and wealth into their lives. Also spreading positivity, love and compassion.

Is wearing red string bracelet a myth? 

Apparently not! People from all walks of life including our celebrities, influential and famous people have been using this lucky charm.

How to Wear?

The left side of the body represents the receiving side so by wearing this lucky Redline Charm bracelet on your left wrist , you welcome in its energy. Also ,the left side is closest to our heart.

What happens next?

Enjoy the benefits of the The Lucky Redline into your life and share it to people you love. When the bracelet falls off, it is believed that the bracelet has absorbed the negative energies in your life and served its purpose. Time to get a new one!!

Perfect gift to yourself and the people you love!

Product Description:

  • 100% new and stylish.
  • Lobster clasp
  • Material: Redline with diamond rhinestone
  • Color: Stainless 18k  Rose Gold plated
  • Bracelet Length : 16.5cm, adjustable
  • Prevent allergy and Never fades