Red Money Bag Set
Red Money Bag Set
Red Money Bag Set
Red Money Bag Set

Red Money Bag Set

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Red Money Bag Set

Red Money bags always symbolize good fortune and particularly it means that the money that comes to you will bring you also much happiness and fulfillment.  Wear this Red Money Bag Bracelet to symbolize a year filled with new income prospects and good wealth luck.

It is very auspiciously especially when worn as it is great for increasing prosperity luck. This amulet energetically invites wealth into the owner’s life. The money or wealth bag is a traditional symbol of fortune and positive monetary energy even in Feng Shui. It signifies unending prosperity and income that never stops coming in. Wear this Red Money Bag Bracelet daily and enjoy its Feng Shui benefits.

Again, Money Bag Charm Bracelet brings good luck and causes good fortune and money for your family and friends in various ways. Take advantage of the benefits of this powerful and auspicious bracelet. Connect with the energy in them, keep a positive attitude and let abundance, money and positivity flows inside you!

Perfect gift to yourself and the people you love!

Product Description:

  • 100% new and stylish.
  • Material: Red Agate
  • Color: Stainless 18k  Rose Gold
  • Bracelet Length :17.5+4 CM
    Necklace Length:18-20 inch

* Prevent allergy and Never fades