Lucky Pig Jade Necklace
Lucky Pig Jade Necklace

Lucky Pig Jade Necklace

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💎Grab Your Lucky Pig Jade Necklace and get ready for 2019!💎

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Jade is one the most valued stone. Not only because is it beautiful, but it also bring about good luck, wealth, and good health to its wearer. Because of this, jade became one of the most popular choices when it comes to jewelry.

The Pig is the last symbol in the Chinese Zodiac cycle and on 2019 is the YEAR OF THE PIG! We all know that those born in these years are loyal, reliable, loving, passionate, honest, smart, sociable and hardworking.

Why do you want to wear this charm?

Benefits in Career: For those who wear them the Pig ensures a constant high income, abundance and prosperity. It is also excellent for those who wish to change their job and obtain more salary, money and “fatter” pay.

Benefits in Love: The Pig is a symbol of abundance, fertility, reliability and honestly. For people who are single and is looking for a soulmate- wearing your Lucky Pig Jade Necklace will bring good luck to the opposite sex under its guidance you will find the right one easily and you may get married this year. And because Pig has the energy of friendliness and sociability, it allows you to go out of your comfort zones and meet new people. For couples and who are in relationship, you wear this necklace to bring strong bond between you and your partner, have a stable relationship and get ready to attract a baby.

Benefits in Wealth: The Pig attracts abundance, brings you good fortune luck with business and sales. Its a reminder for you to look out for money-making opportunities.

Benefits in friends and family: The Pig is friendly and represents good luck in wealth attainment. It also means your current wealth and fortune is protected from unforeseen circumstances or safeguarded from people who want a piece of it.Wear this every day and your family will be blessed with all of its good characteristics.

If you wanna change your luck for 2019, get ready to wear your Lucky Pig Jade Necklace as your talisman or feng shui charms to reap all the goods and blessing of the year to come.

PS: For those born under the Pig zodiac, these effects will be magnified hence this good luck charm would make an excellent birthday gift to a Pig person. This necklace is a highly popular item in Feng Shui, suggested by numerous Feng Shui masters, and everyone should definitely use theirs to their biggest advantage.

Perfect gift to yourself and the people you love!     

Product Description:

  • 100% new and stylish.
  • Material: 24k Pig Gold Surface
  • Authentic Jade
  • Chain Length: 18 inches, Stainless Gold